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Giving Thanks

Gluten-Free Rolls: One of the many things I am thankful for.

Thanksgiving is over, and in the aftermath of turkey and family my head is full of jumbled thoughts and half-formed posts.  I’m running on little sleep and too much coffee, but I wanted to get something written while I have access to a computer and my sister has the boy occupied.

It has been a wonderful holiday, one of the best I can remember.  My brother and his fiance drove down from Seattle, and having our family together in one place was something we were all grateful for.  The smell of good food and the (sometimes noisy) sounds of a house full of teasing and laughter brought back memories of childhood and loved ones now gone, making it feel as though they were sharing the day with us.  It was truly a day to be thankful for.

As the day went on, I kept thinking about how important family is.  This is what life is about, I thought.  It is the people you love, and who love you back.  It’s enjoying the moments you have together.  It’s the nights of board games and talking and laughter.  It’s handing down traditions to the new generation, and sharing memories together.  It’s all the little things that make up our relationships.  Everything else is just background noise.

Thanksgiving is over, but the time to be thankful is not.  Take a moment today to listen to the important sounds in your life.  Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  Laugh.  Don’t let the important moments of your life pass you by.


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