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Halloween Tails

Despite all of us feeling a bit under the weather, we got J all dressed up to go trickin’ and treatin’.  (How could I resist putting him into such a cute costume?)


The package claimed this was a horse costume, but I beg to differ.  That, my friends, is a mini-cow if I’ve ever seen one.  (Let me remind you that I live in Montana, so yes, I have actually seen one.)  Jayden very much enjoyed being a mini-cow, despite the fact that the costume was a full two sizes too small for him. 

On the way to Auntie’s, we practiced saying “Trick or Treat” (since “Gimme candy, Auntie Jae” was a little hard for him).  By the time we got there, he was happily chirping “Treat!” from the back seat.


Treatin at Auntie's

There was much loot to be had at Auntie’s (something that made this Mommy very happy).  From there, we went to Grandma’s, where J discovered a deep love of pumpkins.



Being a mini-cow is incredibly hard (and hot!) work, so we called it a night after that.  My mini-cow turned back into a little boy, and this year’s Halloween story came to an end.


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