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Chances, Dreams, and Final Rounds

The second round of the Sam-e Good Mood Blogger contest is here.  As in, final round.  As in, holy crap, I might actually have a shot at this thing.  As in, have you voted yet?

If I get the job, I will write five posts a week on maintaining a good mood and staying positive.  Something I can completely handle, because I rock, and haven’t you heard?  I am a ball of sunshine.  In exchange, I will get a brand new laptop to keep (which is awesome, because I have none) and $5,000 a month for the next six months.  Pretty amazing, right?

I’m still kind of in shock that I have made it this far.  I mean, here I am, small town girl, struggling single mama, brand new blogger (publicly, anyway), and somehow I made it into the top twenty.  Somehow, I got 5,551 votes!  (That somehow is all of you, and your hard work.)  I am competing with folks who have been blogging for years and have a large social media network.  In the beginning, I thought there was no way I would be able to compete with that.  I was wrong.  Because of the amazing support of family, friends, fellow bloggers, and complete strangers, I am in the running for a job that could change my life completely.

Have I said thank you yet?  Let me say it again.  THANK YOU.  There aren’t words enough to do justice for how grateful I am.  Thank you thank you thank you.

This is how this round works:  all of us submitted a 250 word blurb and a video on why we thought we should be the good mood blogger.  The profiles are open to public voting from now until December 7th. You can vote once per day per computer from now until then.  We will also be scored by a panel of three judges.  The number of public votes counts for 20% of our final score, and the judges score counts for the other 80%.  So essentially, the person with the highest number of votes doesn’t automatically get the job, but every vote helps bring me closer to my goal.

So please, hang with me for another few weeks.  I need to go all out if I’m going to have a chance at this.  If you have facebook, twitter, myspace, email, carrier pigeons, billboard signs, access to radio announcers, whatever–please help me by spreading the word to vote for me to get the job!  Feel free to grab the badge (the code is listed on the voting site).  You can even share my application video! (Tomorrow is Bribe Your Coworker to Vote Day.  It’s very popular.)

You can see how I’m doing here (which can quickly become an addiction, believe me).

Be sure to check back here over the next couple of days.  I’m working on a fun contest to go along with this, and YOU could be the winner!


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