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The Power of Please

Jayden has discovered the power of please.

A couple days ago, I was eating blueberries and looked down to find J staring at me with big eyes and making the sign for “please.”  I promptly rewarded him with hugs and blueberries, extremely happy that my sporadic attempts to teach him the sign had worked.  The rest of the day, I tried to get him to repeat it.  “Oh,  you want a drink?  Say please!”  Nothing.  Two whole days of me harping, and finally I accepted that it was a fluke.

And then yesterday he went for my phone.  When I told him no, he gave me the sweetest smile and rubbed his chest, and then reached again as if he fully expected me to give it to him. 

Now, he signs please for everything.  My bowl of ice cream?  “Please, eat!” Grandma’s cup of coffee?  “Please, drink!” The best thing is the sweet look he gets on his face, as if he knows it’s nearly impossible to deny such a face.  He wins, almost every time.

All day today, he tried to grab the lamp (which he knows is off-limits).  I’d tell him, “Not for Jayden, no touch,” and he would pull back, sign please, and reach again.  I couldn’t help it– I wanted to be able to say yes.  Or scoop him up and squeeze him until he squeaked because he’s so freaking cute I can’t even stand it.  Thanks for asking so nicely, little man, but the answer is still no.  

Tonight, his angry gums were really bothering him.  He chomped, he whined, he gritted his teeth, he threw himself backwards on the floor.  I did everything I could to help make him more comfortable, but he was still miserable.  Finally, he crawled up to me all teary-eyed and signed “Please, nurse.”  I scooped him up and cuddled close, happy to be able to say yes.  He gave me a big smile as he nursed, and I thought my heart would burst.

He happily signed “please” until he drifted off to sleep.



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