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7 Days of Health

Recently, it has been pointed out to me by several different people that I have completely neglected my own blog.  Thank you, readers, you are absolutely right.  It is time to get back on the horse, as they say.

This winter has been absolutely awful, health-wise.  Besides mastitis (which I have gone through twice since January), the boy and I have had several rounds of the norovirus, head colds, flues, a sinus infection, and bronchitis.  There’s been high fevers, ER visits, blood draws, and enough Resolve used on the carpet to sail a small ship.  Oh, and have you ever tried to collect a urine sample from an unpotty-trained 15 month old in one of those magic hat things? Impossible. (And here’s where I send a quick thank you to my sister for being amazing and getting me one of the pediatric urine bags, which saved the day. The last thing the boy wanted to do while running a 104 degree temperature and throwing up every few minutes was approach the scary pee hat in the toilet.  On that note, I may have completely ruined any future chances at potty training.) I finished my last round of antibiotics last week, which makes this the longest amount of time that both of us have been  healthy for the last four months. (You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not.)  Oh, and did I mention that we moved, too?

I am watching summer creep closer, and am hoping that with it will come an end to the sick season. Perhaps I’ll be able to catch up on a little sleep, regain some energy, get back to doing the things I love.  (This is where you other moms snicker a little.  Sleep? Dream on, girlie. Maybe in another 18 years I’ll be able to sleep in…) In the meantime… here’s a little bit of cuteness to thank you for your patience!


I know I’ve dropped off the radar the last couple weeks, but rest assured: I’m still here, and will be back to blogging regularly very soon.

Turns out the weeks of exhaustion and flu-like symptoms were signs of something else going on: the dreaded mastitis.  Took me a while to figure out (mainly because I never had the redness that I always heard was the key sign), but now I am on antibiotics and will hopefully be on the mend soon.

Through this experience, I have talked to at least four other women who have gone through this, and stopped nursing because they thought it would help.  Let me just say, for those of you who don’t know: one of the best things you can do to help get over the infection is to nurse as frequently as possible on that side.  If it is too painful to nurse, try pumping on a low setting.  I have found that if I use a warm compress for about ten minutes before nursing, it goes a lot better.

If anyone else has had experience with mastitis and has survival tips they’d like to share, I’d love to hear it.  It is taking me a lot longer to get over it than I thought it would.

Attitude Adjustment

I have been thinking a lot lately about the impact attitude can have on a person’s life.

There was a time for me when everything was pretty… chaotic, to say the least.  It seemed like every time I turned around, something bad was happening.  I had health issues that put me in the hospital.  Someone broke into my car.  My cat ran away.  I was in a car wreck.  Someone pulled a gun on me while I was at work (ever have to go around booting people’s cars to pay the bills? Not. Fun.)  The house I was subletting caught on fire.  I lost my hearing aid somewhere in Canada.  (No, I’m not making any of that up.)

On and on the list went.  It seemed like every time things started looking up, something else would happen and my life would spin out of control again.  I tried making a fresh start.  I tried looking on the bright side of things.  I kept picking myself up and moving on, but things just kept getting worse. 

Finally, I realized that the problem wasn’t what was happening to me, the problem was me.  The more chaotic and negative I was, the more out of control my life was.  Oh, sure, some of the things were beyond my control, but almost everything could be linked back to me and the choices I was making.  The problem was my attitude.  You see, I expected bad things to happen.  Every time disaster struck, I mentally nodded my head and thought, “See?  Life is hard.”   

The day I changed my attitude was the day I changed my life.  I was sitting in the dark eating ice cream and crying and I thought, enough.  I made a list of my goals, and then began taking steps to achieve them.  I started taking better care of myself.  I went back to school.  Got a decent job.  One by one, things started to fall into place.  Everything stopped being about damage control and started being about living.  It’s amazing how much things changed once I started expecting good things to happen.  There were no more fires, for one thing.  I became truly happy, for another.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because this month marks an important anniversary for me.  One year ago I left an abusive relationship.  I took only the clothes that would fit in my sister’s car and my newborn son and moved back home.  This last year has been about starting over and dealing with the fact that I am now raising J on my own.  It’s been a reminder of how important it is to stay positive. 

It certainly hasn’t been an easy year, but it hasn’t been bad either.  I have an amazing support system. I was able to find a job that allows me to bring J along.  I recently received an internship doing what I love. I have a happy, healthy boy who lights up my days.   And slowly but surely, I am rebuilding my life. 

I firmly believe that the good things that have happened and the opportunities that have come my way are due, at least in part, to having a positive attitude.  I could have stayed angry.  I could have focused on the negative things.  I could have bought into the belief that from now on, life was going to be a struggle.  If I had let myself think that way, I probably would have been right.

You get back from life what you put in.  If you are someone who is very negative, you’re going to be surrounded by similar people.  You will miss out on opportunities because you are focused on the things that are going wrong.  And you can’t be happy while you’re holding on to your bad attitude. 

Do you know people who are miserable with their lives?  I know I do.  Maybe they hate their job, or where they live, or they are stuck in a dead-end relationship.  Something always seems to be going wrong.  They complain.  They may wish for things to be different, but nothing ever changes. 

That’s because they haven’t changed.   

In order for things to get better, first you have to want things to change.  You have to believe that life can be good.  And you have to be willing to work to make changes happen in your life.

What are you going to do to make your life better today?

Only two days left-don’t forget to vote!  Thank you!!

Giving Thanks

Gluten-Free Rolls: One of the many things I am thankful for.

Thanksgiving is over, and in the aftermath of turkey and family my head is full of jumbled thoughts and half-formed posts.  I’m running on little sleep and too much coffee, but I wanted to get something written while I have access to a computer and my sister has the boy occupied.

It has been a wonderful holiday, one of the best I can remember.  My brother and his fiance drove down from Seattle, and having our family together in one place was something we were all grateful for.  The smell of good food and the (sometimes noisy) sounds of a house full of teasing and laughter brought back memories of childhood and loved ones now gone, making it feel as though they were sharing the day with us.  It was truly a day to be thankful for.

As the day went on, I kept thinking about how important family is.  This is what life is about, I thought.  It is the people you love, and who love you back.  It’s enjoying the moments you have together.  It’s the nights of board games and talking and laughter.  It’s handing down traditions to the new generation, and sharing memories together.  It’s all the little things that make up our relationships.  Everything else is just background noise.

Thanksgiving is over, but the time to be thankful is not.  Take a moment today to listen to the important sounds in your life.  Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.  Laugh.  Don’t let the important moments of your life pass you by.

Better Luck Next Time

Alright, it’s official… I totally fail this month’s blogging challenge. 

I think we need to file this under not adding things to your plate if you’re already full (nice holiday reference there).  I knew this  month was going to be insane for me as far as work (and life in general) went, and I knew that it was going to be incredibly difficult for me to post every day.  I finally had to allow myself to fail the blogging challenge in order to avoid putting up ridiculously bad posts. 

That said… I think another lesson is not to give up.  I have missed a few days (okay, entire weeks.  Don’t judge), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put every effort into finishing out the month strong.  And there’s always next month, right?

My blog, like my entire life, is undergoing some changes right now.  I’m rethinking the direction I want it to go.  I’m playing with different ideas, tweaking design, identifying my goals.  If you have suggestions or would like to let me know what things you like (and what you didn’t), I welcome all feedback!

In the meantime:  take today’s lesson to heart.  Be realistic in the things you can handle, and be gentle with yourself if you need a do-over sometimes.

Wordless Wednesday: Grazing

Here’s a summer story I wanted to share with you. 

It’s about a boy, discovering the Great Outdoors


And finding it to be quite tasty


Isn’t it funny that all attempts to tempt the boy with food, such as bananas or cheese, are promptly rejected, but rocks and dirt?  No problem.  Grass?  What a delicious snack.

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The Day Half-Done

workinbabyDo you ever have one of those days where you are moving, but you never get anywhere?

You keep working harder, but nothing gets done?

Today was that day for me. I have several half-started posts, laundry in the wash, and at least three major projects for work barely begun. I went to work in mismatched socks. J didn’t have on any socks at all.

It’s not the end of the world. Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive. Perhaps tomorrow J will not wake up crying at 4 am. There are more important things than checking things off lists.

So I am drifting off to sleep while writing this, giving myself permission to call it a day and try again tomorrow.


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