Global Breastfeeding Challenge (update)

Well, today was the day: Global Breastfeeding Challenge 2009.  Did you participate? 

I found out about the event a week ago from Annie over at PhD in Parenting (reallly fabulous site, you should definitely check it out) and immediately started making plans to make Polson, Montana an offical site for the Challenge.  Turns out, I was the only one really excited.  After a week of hounding the (awesome, lovely, oh so talented) lactation consultant at our hospital, the folks at the WIC office, the health food store, and the children’s clothing store, there were still exactly zero people interested in participating (with the exception of a friend of mine, who has an 8 year old and is currently not lactating.  We decided that as fun as it is for her to watch me nurse my baby, that probably wasn’t really the point).  Not to worry, next year I will (hopefully) be more aware and have plenty of time to properly organize something for the event.  In the meantime, I *did* latch J on at 11 am in solidarity with all my breastfeeding sisters around the globe, and we wound up traveling to town today where I breastfed in public (and even noticed at the restaurant that I was not the only one, only hers was all new and squishy, and mine was very large and wiggly).

If you want to read more about the event, you can wander over to bebehblog.  As a bonus, her baby is freaking adorable.  (And if you want to share your story about the event, let me know and I’ll include a link here!)


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