Lists of Another Kind

How is it that it’s almost midnight on Sunday, and I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished? 

Okay, that’s not entirely true.  Saturday was a very full day, what with the trip out of town, my nephew’s (four hours of) football games, and of course, birthday shopping.  In fact, we walked around so much that my legs are still protesting today (and this is where you point out that perhaps I should exercise like I’ve been promising to do for weeks now.  Yeah, yeah, add that to the list of things that didn’t get done today).  So make that just today that I was completely unproductive.

I had plans.  I was even up early (thank you, J) with plenty of time to accomplish my goals.  There’s not only the laundry baskets full of laundry that need to be washed, but also the mountains of clean clothes which are plotting the hostile takeover of my entire room (the victory is very near).  The dresser needs to be sorted, all of J’s outgrown clothes need to be boxed up for my sister-in-law.  The stack of papers that I need to weed through and file or throw away.  The fridge needs cleaned out.  The bathroom garbage is a science experiment.  There were people I was going to call and chat with, blogs I was going to write, a week’s worth of menues I was going to plan in order to be organized for the week.  The gluten-free cake recipe that I need to pick.  I was going to take the boy to the park, enjoy the sunshine, relax.  Hell, I was going to take a shower. 

What in the world happened to my weekend?

Looking back on my day, I am honestly drawing a blank as to what I was doing that prevented me from getting anything else done.  I know that I wasn’t relaxing, because I would have had to sit down for that.  Somehow, by the time I got J changed, fed, cleaned up, down for nap, changed, fed, cleaned up again, the day was pretty much done. 

Days like this make me feel very… incompetent.  How is it that other mothers manage to chase their wee ones, provide stimulating educational interaction, cook yummy food, and still have time to get the house clean?  Please, share your secrets of success with me (especially where the food is concerned, my menu needs help).

I did manage to get J all wrapped up and take him for a walk, though.  And J did seem to have fun today.  I suppose the list will have to wait yet another day, and I will have to continue to dream of Supermom powers.


1 Response to “Lists of Another Kind”

  1. 1 pinklilybit September 15, 2009 at 7:51 am

    The secret to success is this, and be careful, the other mothers won’t want me spilling it to you….it isn’t possible. At least, not everyday. Those who lie and tell you that perfection is obtainable, are living in a fantasy world.

    On the days where you get the laundry done, the family is eating pizza, when you cook a great meal, the dishes are going to have to wait, if you’re providing stimulating educational entertainment for baby, the vacuuming is probably not going to happen. This is the reality of motherhood, especially single motherhood. Focus on what you DID do, getting him wrapped up and out for a walk as well as changed and cleaned up after a meal is pretty damn impressive I’d say! just wait, someday soon he’s going to be able to put his own shoes on and you’ll be able to actually comb your hair!

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